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Blood Orange Polenta Cake

It’s the fresh taste of our whey butter that inspired John Quilter to create his fragrant Blood Orange Polenta Cake, ...

Devon Red Lobster

This beautiful summer recipe, created by Gill Meller, was inspired by seasonal produce bursting with summer flavours,...

Campfire Raclette

Raclette is such a simple dish, taking minutes to melt. It’s the perfect thing for those rare moments where you have ...

Campfire Smoked Cauli Cheese

Take a humble ingredient like the cauliflower and step it up to the next level, just by using a simple cooking metho...

Goat's Cheese and Roast Tomato Tartlet

A taste of summer, this tartlet if full of Italian flavours which go so well with the vibrant flavour of Quicke's Go...

Vintage Pesto Pasta

As the days stretch out with added hours of sunshine, there's nothing better than getting active outside and grabbin...

Quicke's Signature Cheese Scones

The quintessential British snack, our recipe repertoire wouldn't be complete without our signature cheese scones. We'...
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