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Extra Mature Cheddar & Pesto Pinwheels

Pinwheels are quick and easy to make and make perfect finger food for your Christmas party. INGREDIENTS  1 packet of...

Polenta, tomato & sage cubes with Vintage Cheddar

This is an unusually different but tasty cheesy bitesize canape. Together, the golden polenta and cheddar, red tomato...

Smoked cheddar, prosciutto & rosemary bites

A super simple but super scrumptious nibble for your next Christmas party, this bitesize canape has the ultimate mix ...

Baked fig jewels with goat's cheese & honey

Give your guests the impressive gift of fig jewels baked with goat's cheese and honey this Christmas. You can serve t...

Baked pear bites with goat's cheese, honey & walnuts

This delicious canape makes use of the holy trio: pear, goat's cheese and honey. The sweet pear and honey against the...

Goat's cheese straws with olives & red onion marmalade

The great thing about this already-quick recipe is that they can be prepped beforehand and finished off in the oven b...

Cheesy Roasted Sprouts

Let's face it, sprouts get a bad rep at Christmas. But we think we have the answer, and you've guessed it... it's che...
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