Great taste award winners 2022

We are delighted to have been named among the winners of the Great Taste Awards 2022. Thousands of entries were put through the competition’s rigorous blind-tasting judging process, and all four of our entries impressed the judges. Our Mature Cheddar, Vintage Cheddar and Lady Prue Whey Butter were awarded two stars and our Goat’s Milk Cheese was awarded a one-star award.

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It's National Goat's Cheese Month!

We are extremely proud of our goat's milk cheeses that we have been handcrafting on our farm since 2003. Our delicious cheeses have won national and international awards and are adored both at home and across the world.

A common misconception about goat's milk cheeses are that they taste too goaty and of the farmyard. When our customers taste our goat's milk cheeses for the first time they are surprised to find the cheeses taste delightfully different - buttery and nutty with only a subtle taste of goat's milk. The reason the goat's milk flavours are not overpowering is all to do with the high quality of the milk.

Alongside our own goat's milk products we also stock some stunning goat's milk cheeses from our friends at White Lake Cheese in Somerset.

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At Quicke’s we understand that great cheesemaking is an art. We have been nurturing the family’s land for 14 generations from this idyllic corner of Devon. We use time-honoured methods and recipes passed down through the years to create outstanding cheese, handmade, clothbound and slow-matured to perfection.


Quicke's cheese tour

Cheese Tour

A chance to come and explore the farm and see how we make our cloth-bound cheese.


Did you know every batch of cheese is graded? Why do we do this?

Quicke's Cheese Dairy


Learn how we make our delicious artisan cheese.

Quicke's letterbox cheese hamper


Our popular Letterbox Cheese Hampers have been specially designed to simply slip through the letterbox for a hassle-free delivery.

All three of our Letterbox Cheese Hampers contain a mouth-watering selection of our handmade clothbound cheeses and are the perfect way to enjoy a glorious taste of the Devonshire countryside.

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For nearly 500 years we've been committed to working with our valley and its seasons, using our passion, dedication, understanding and expertise to craft award-winning cheese by hand from the very best milk produced from our land.

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the perfect pairings

We have an incredible selection of delicious accompaniments for your cheese boards.

Drinks to pair with Quicke's cheese, beer, Hanlon's port stout, sharpham wine, Lyme bay port and more

Drinks for Cheese

Discover our stunning selection of English wines, beers, ciders and soft drinks

Cheese board essentials, olives nuts pate, charcuterie crackers and more

Cheeseboard essentials

If you're looking for artisan crackers and delicious accompaniments like charcuterie, olives, chutneys and preserves, here is the place.

Fine Cheese Crackers

Crackers for Cheese

A selection of artisan crackers and biscuits to pair perfectly with your cheese selections.

Quicke's Cheese Academy of Cheese Course

Academy of Cheese Course

A chance to come and learn all things cheese on the only farm based Academy of Cheese Course.

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