Corporate Gifting & Events

Corporate Gifting & Events

We take great pleasure in crafting cheese the traditional way and delivering it to others in ways that creates enjoyment

We've been nurturing the family's land for 14 generations, crafting the very finest flavours from our idyllic corner of Devon. Each truckle is handmade, clothbound and slow matured in the cool quiet of our stores. 


A Quicke's Gift Box takes palates on a journey of our lush pastures, with every aspect of our cheeses' character imparted by the fields, the animals, the seasons and our cheese store.
We will work with you to create the perfect box for your employees, customers, delegates or clients. Our cheese takes centre stage but we're also happy to supply carefully curated pairings including, preserves, crackers, wines and beers.
From £30 per box.


Whether you're looking to bring your team together or connect with your clients, one of our private virtual tasting events is a fun and unique way to entertain remotely. We can offer a variety of formats exploring everything from how cheese is made and how to taste like a pro to the history of our cheese and the perfect drink and accompaniment pairings. Most importantly you’ll get to taste our award-winning cheeses.
From £30 per person excluding VAT.
Fill in the form below with a brief outline of your requirements and we'll be in touch with a range of no-obligation options for you to consider. Or feel free to give us a call and we'll talk you through the options. Please note we require a minimum of 7 days for delivery from when the order has been placed.
Please include the below information in the message box:
- How many people will the event include?
- Do you have a date in mind?
- Would you like just cheese or would you like us to add pairings?
By choosing a Quicke's Gift or Event you are helping to support small-scale West Country food producers.
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