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Cheese Care

Cheese Care

Every Quicke's cheese is handmade and wrapped in muslin to let it breathe as it matures. This allows the wonderful rind to develop – the hallmark of clothbound cheddar, essential to its rich, satisfying flavour. Our cheddars continue to mature and develop once you've brought them home.

Whole cheese will keep longer than a cut cheese, with larger cuts generally faring better than smaller ones. 


Once opened we recommend wrapping your cheese in greaseproof paper and storing in an air-tight/tupperware container in the fridge. Kept like this it should last up to 14 days. Assuming you haven’t eaten it by then. 


If you've treated yourself to a full truckle, we recommend completely removing the muslin before cutting into it. Find the edge of the cloth on a flat face of the truckle and pull all the muslin away from the cheese.  

Once the muslin's off it's best to wrap the cheese and keep it in a cool larder (8-15ºC) or the salad drawer of your fridge. Waxed paper's perfect; cling film will do. 

If using cling film, only cover the cheese's cut side and use a new piece each time you open it.  If it's too dry your cheese may crack; too wet and it'll become thick with mould - although this mould is natural and can enhance the flavour of the cheese, we suggest you scrape off the excess.

Whole Cheese

We recommend storing whole cheeses in a damp, cool environment like a cellar. In our own stores, we keep our cheese on wooden shelves to avoid contact with anything which might draw moisture from the cheese or taint it in some way. Whole cheeses, still sealed with the cloth left on, can technically be aged on indefinitely. However, we wouldn’t recommend exceeding one month’s additional ageing from purchase as we cannot vouch for the conditions being correctly maintained outside of our store room at Home Farm.

Once the cloth has been removed and the cheese has been cut, we recommend storing it in the same manner as our wedges.

Cutting Cheese

To find out how to cut a whole truckle, read our 'how to cut a truckle' guide. 

Serving Cheese

Above all, we want you to enjoy our magnificent cheese, so give your cheese a good two hours at room temperature before serving to bring out its full flavour.

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