How to cut a truckle

Here are a few simple steps to help you learn how to cut a truckle. 

Cutting a truckle can seem like a daunting prospect. However it's simply a case of patience and practice. 

Take a large serrated knife and cut through the centre of the cheese, cutting through the cloth, all the way around the cheese. Cutting 2-3 cm deep into the edges.

Take a large cheese wire and trap it in the centre cut line.

Your wire should now be loosely tucked into the cut in the cloth all the way around.

Trap the top handle with one hand and pull smoothly with the other to cut the cheese in half.

Cut the second half in the same manner as the whole cheese in order to cut two quarters.

Now your cheese is cut into manageable quarters you can break it down into wedges using your cheese wire or a serrated knife. 


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