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Flavour Mapping: A New Framework for Tasting Cheese

We are excited to introduce to you some of the ways that we have been tasting our cheese. Going further than the 1-5 strength rating associated with Britain’s favourite cheese, the flavour mapping tells you the story. The story of the pastures and seasons at home farm, encapsulated within the cheese.

Cheese Tasting

We hope that the flavour maps can help to illuminate a new dimension of cheese for all the cheese lovers out there.

Each of our cheeses in our cheddar tasting box has an individual flavour map showing the development of flavours on your pallet. Illustrating the breadth and complexity that can be achieved from working in harmony with the land, the flavour maps attest to the powerful influence of the ageing process and the unique microflora within our cheese stores.

The Flavour Mapping Project

The project started in our very own cheese store through conversations during our 3- and 12-month gradings. Building upon the work of organisations such as the Academy of Cheese, who are achieving great things with their structured approach to tasting.

 The Flavour Mapping Project has been launched to chart the full tasting journey, from Initial Taste to Mid Taste to After Taste, providing a simple tool for cheese lovers to immerse themselves even more deeply into the eating experience. Our 3-month matured Buttery Clothbound Cheddar begins with an initial taste of fresh milk, with buttery notes carrying through from mid taste to after taste, joined by peeled almond at the finish. At the other end of the scale, our 24-month matured Vintage Clothbound Cheddar has a caramel sweetness running through the full flavour journey, accompanied by umami halfway through the initial taste and featuring buttery, sharp and salty notes along the way.


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