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Your guide to the ultimate summer cheese picnic

As the longest day edges closer, it’s time to make the most out of the extended light (whilst we have it) in the great outdoors. So gather some friends, pick a location, turn off your phone and enjoy each others’ company with a beautiful summer cheese picnic in the depths of nature.

Summer Cheese Board

First things first, the cheese! You’ll want to have a cheese for every taste and palate, so a good place to start is to cover the following:



Not only do you want your summer picnic to taste delicious, but you want it to be a feast for the eyes. Adding different colours, textures and heights is a great way to make your spread look like a piece of art. Colourful and seasonal food such as strawberries, grapes, figs, carrots, peppers can brighten up a beige cheese board.    


Contrasting textures are an important part of constructing a successful summer cheese board. Hard or crunchy textures like crackers, breadsticks, bread and nuts can act as a base and compliment soft things like cheese, houmous, dips, pickles, chutneys and honey. Juicy things like gherkins and olives can also help offset the dryness of crackers, whilst the flavour can work immensely with certain cheeses.

Other bites

Alongside the summer-inspired cheese board, you may want to bring along some other bits to feast on. The below things are taken from the recipes section on our website and would work as a perfect accompaniment to a summer picnic.

The Ultimate Crisp Sandwich

Quick Beetroot Pickle

Courgette & Goat's Cheese Tart

Elderflower & Lemon Drizzle Cake


As picnics are about enjoying the outdoors, location is pretty high on the list. You don’t want the picnic you’ve been working hard to prepare ruined by the noise of fast traffic or being too cold as you’re exposed on a hill. So it’s a good idea to scout out the area and, of course, check the weather forecast beforehand.


Let’s face it, picnics can sometimes be pretty uncomfortable, constantly shifting around trying to get the best position sat on the floor. Bringing some cushions makes a huge difference, and the comfier you are, the longer you’ll stay. Grass can sometimes get a bit itchy, so bring a rug to lay on the floor and put all the food on. It will also even out the floor and stop any bugs crawling on your food. You may also want to bring a blanket to keep you warm if the weather turns or the sun picks up. 

There’s a fine line between bringing something for all possibilities and being able to carry your things far away enough from the car to be out in nature. 


If you have space in the car, putting a pallet on the floor under your rug brings the food up that bit higher, acting as a tabletop. If you can manage to carry it, bringing some glasses to enjoy some wine or sparkling fizz can really elevate the picnic experience. Also bringing real cutlery and plates makes things a lot more comfortable, but then eating with your hands is that bit more fun and authentic. It really depends on what level of picnic you'd like, and for what occasion.

We hope you enjoy your summer cheese picnic, be sure to tag us in any pictures so we can see what you included on your spread! @quickescheese

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