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The Ultimate Crisp Sandwich Recipe

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1 serving

5 minutes

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The signature sound of the ultimate crisp sandwich is the epic crunch it makes as you bite down on it. This is the culinary equivalent of double denim - crisps and bread - unashamedly double carbs. Stuffed with Quicke's Vintage Clothbound Cheddar, spicy beetroot pickle and Burts Chips, this truly is crisp sandwich heaven.


  • 2 slices of wholemeal cheese bread
  • Quicke's Whey Butter
  • Quicke's Vintage Clothbound Cheddar
  • Quickle Beetroot Pickle
  • Handful of salad
  • Burts Chips


  1. Cut two slices of wholemeal bread
  2. Slather with Quicke's grass-fed Cow's Whey Butter
  3. Add a generous wedge of Quicke's Vintage Clothbound Cheddar
  4. Layer up with as much Quick Beetroot Pickle as you dare, and a handful of lush green salad
  5. Top with as many Burts Chips as you can
  6. Out the lid on top and press down - listening out for the signature crunch

Recipe by Tom Herbert

Watch Tom make the Ultimate Crisp Sandwich and find the individual recipes below.

Tom Herbert's Ultimate Crisp Sandwich from Quicke's on Vimeo.


Wholemeal Cheese Bread

Quick Beetroot Pickle

The Ultimate Crisp Sandwich

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