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Elderflower Cheese

It's said that summer starts when elder trees burst into flower and ends in late August when the berries are ripe. Delicate elderflowers explode in hedgerows across the Quicke’s estate and beyond, in country lanes around the country, and we greedily gather them up, capturing a bit of summer's magic to last us through the year.

Only the best ingredients are good enough for our clothbound cheese, from our grass-fed cow’s milk made by our very own Quicke’s herd, to our choice of Cornish Sea Salt that we mix into the curds. So only the very best hand-picked wild elderflower would do for our Elderflower Clothbound Cheese.

From our fields to our dairy to our stores, we believe that the environment our food comes from has an immeasurable impact on the flavour and our enjoyment of it. So we’re proud to be working with local suppliers whose purpose is to bring us all a little closer to the land, the seasons and nature’s larder.







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