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Introducing our Journal: This Land

We’ve been farming this land for 500 years and making clothbound cheese for five generations. We use our years of experience and skills to distinguish the flavour profiles of each cheese, to capture the best expression of the grass, soil and seasons. Our connection to our farm and our land is strong and visceral. We aim to spread that connection far and wide, in ways that bring delight and joy to a global community of people who share our values and understand the importance of crafting greatness from nature.

Our journal 'This Land' tracks the passing of a year on Home Farm, through the fields, the cows, the grass and the cheese. As we launch this first edition, we’ve explored that connection to the land; through art, history, cooking, science and geology.

With contributions from friends and experts on everything from wood-fired cooking, cider making and seasonal feasts to fermentation, foraging and farming through the seasons, this is part one of our journey to educate and explore the things that we hold close to our hearts here at Quicke's.

Join us on our journey, by investing in one of our limited run copies of This Land here.


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