For the Love of Food

We're really proud to be involved in a very special project. Over a year ago we met talented duo Chris and Rob from With Love Project on their journey, travelling the length and breath of the country to find food producers with real integrity. We couldn't be more proud to be featured amongst so many incredible makers and growers, brought together in a unique tome...

"Over the last three years we've met British producers from all walks of life, tailors, wheelwrights, farmers, roasters and many more. All producing with passion and purpose, all creating with a focus and belief that things can be made better. This focus and belief has changed how we spend and made us think about how important our purchasing power is. We've started to take note of items we're buying, where they were made, who was making them, how they were produced and why they had a certain price tag. This curiosity started to seep into the majority of our purchases and is how we became so interested in food." Rob, founder With Love Project.

"The visits for this book have drastically changed our outlook on how we eat. We now understand the power of eating locally, both economically and from a community focus. We appreciate the benefits of using seasonal produce, reducing food miles and drastically increasing taste. We also have great respect for the producers we've met and the practices that go into getting the food onto our plate.

We want to celebrate the people we've met and share the knowledge we've gained and do it in a beautiful book. One that captures the individual stories, the processes involved and gives the reader a better understanding of what's available right here on our doorstep." Chris, founder With Love Project.

Rob and Chris are looking for passionate foodies to back their project on Crowdfunder. From as little as £5 you can support the guys in making their project a reality.

Back 'For the Love of Food' here.

Meet one of the very special producers and watch the film:

For The Love of Food from With Love Project on Vimeo.


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