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A new wave in cheese

Following years of testing, tweaking and ageing in our stores at Home Farm, we are very pleased to announce a new partnership that is the single largest change to our time-honoured recipes, in over a decade. As of August 2017 our multi-award winning cheese will be made using Cornish Sea Salt.

At Quicke's, we understand that great cheesemaking is an art. We have been nurturing the family's land at Home Farm for 14 generations, crafting the very finest flavours we can from this idyllic corner of Devon.

A ground-breaking move in the world of cheese

A ground-breaking move in the world of cheese, the use of sea salt adds a new complexity of flavour to our expertly crafted clothbound cheddar. We believe the uplift in flavour is set to tantalise the taste buds of curd nerds everywhere. 

Mary Quicke explains: "We are really excited by the move to Cornish Sea Salt in our cheese and are delighted to be the first to do this after so many years in the making. Cornish Sea Salt has a unique mineral-rich flavour that initially hits the palate and then withdraws to enhance other ingredients, which gives us an extra complexity of flavour. Just like in cooking, Cornish Sea Salt add a lovely brightness and pleasing complexity in the salt flavour and you really notice an extra zing at the end.

Harvested out in the ocean, Cornish Sea Salt is concentrated in nature without the impurities you find in pan-dried sea salt. As an unexpected benefit, the sea salt is also more demanding to mix into the fresh curd than table salt, so this stage has required even more love and care from the team. We are noticing a greater roundness in the flavour that we're putting down to that extra work."

A coming together of heritage, provenance and innovation, we are ready to inspire the next generation of food lovers. The new wedges start hitting the shelves in August, with Extra Mature and Vintage following later in the year when each have reached their desired age profile.

A new wave in cheese from Quicke's on Vimeo.


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