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A Collaboration Comes of Age: Vintage & Cornish Sea Salt

Two years after our ground-breaking partnership began, this month sees the release of our first wedges of Vintage Clothbound Cheddar made using Cornish Sea Salt. The truckles were placed in our cheese stores here at Home Farm on the eve of this Devon-Cornwall collaboration, and 24 months later, our longest aged clothbound cheddar is imbued with a new brightness and enhanced complexity of flavour.


This latest enrichment in our long history of cheesemaking comes after years of testing, tweaking and maturation, with the rich and intense Vintage Cheddar being the final cheese to take its place behind deli counters. Crafting outstanding cheddar from just four ingredients, our careful herd selection and planned grazing produces exceptional quality milk, which is then combined with natural rennet and heritage starters. The addition of mineral-rich Cornish Sea Salt has now elevated the Vintage Cheddar’s unique flavour profile, enhancing our award-winning recipe and adding an extra zing on the palate.

Cornish Sea Salt adds a lovely brightness and pleasing complexity and you really notice an extra zing at the end.


A regular cheeseboard champ, our Vintage Clothbound Cheddar is also a versatile ingredient in the kitchen, ready to pack a punch in recipes ranging from wholemeal cheese bread to a creamy and comforting Vintage pesto. Behind the bar, a drop of Sheppy’s Vintage Reserve Cider makes for a tempting west country pairing, lifting the cheddar’s caramel tones with refreshing burst of bittersweet apple, whilst providing a match for the cheese’s intensity, richness and depth.

Read our Vintage Westcountry Pairing with Sheppy's Cider here.

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