Springing to Life

New life emerges.

Shoots sprout up from the soil - young and fresh, eager to reach for the sky. Young birds escape the hedgerow on their debut flight, erratic and clumsy. Freshly cut grass and blossom fill the air, and the bird song sounds chirpier than you remember it before. Daffodils and Crocuses spread their colours across the banks. Spring has arrived.

Doors and windows have been closed for so long. It's time to open them up! Bring the outside inside. Let the cool spring air flow through the house and fill it with the scent of the new season. Broom down the patio, clear the cobwebs and clean the table, it’s time for coffee outside in the morning sun. Spring has arrived.

With the sun that bit closer, that bit warmer, that bit brighter, here come unexpected lunchtime picnics, after-work dips in the river and spontaneous barbecues. We head out with a basket to gather wild garlic from the river banks and invite friends over for supper to spread the gift of the season. Spring has arrived.

We know spring has arrived when the kitchen moves outside - to the barbecue, to the patio. We know spring has arrived when we move from warming red wine and real ale, to refreshing white wine and cider. We know spring has arrived when we transition from our comforting Vintage Cheddar to our lighter, fresher Buttery and Goat’s Milk Cheese.  

To get into the spirit of spring, shop our Spring Selection now.

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