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What grows together, goes together

What grows together, goes together, as they say, so what better match could there be than Devon cider and Devon cheese, produced just a few miles away from each other...

Every year we gather our apples from ancient orchards across the Quicke’s estate, and send them off to Sandford Orchards to make into cider. A little while later, back comes the apple pumice which we mix into the winter feed for our cows. They love the sweet taste of Devon apples just as much as we do.

One of our favourite autumnal pairings is our Quicke’s Oak Smoked Goat’s Milk Cheese, served with Devon Red Cider from Sandford Orchards, just up the valley of the River Creedy. Side by side, our land stretches across the Devon countryside, so we’re sure our cheeses and ciders are best enjoyed as they grew: together. 

Sandford Orchards Devon Red

Sandford Orchards Devon Red is a perfectly balanced, medium cider named after the rich red soil that gives the orchards their distinctive quality. Made from a mix of apples, including Farmers Glory and Sweet Alford, the acidity of this crisp and fruity cider perfectly cuts through the creaminess of our Oak Smoked Goat’s Milk Cheese and refreshes the palate, ready for the next bite.

Quicke's Oak Smoked Goat's Milk Cheese

Our hard smoked goat’s cheese is delightfully different, created from the finest locally-sourced goat’s milk. It’s typically matured for around six months before being cold-smoked for 18 hours in our smoke house at Home Farm, using oak chips from trees grown right here on the Quicke's estate. This imparts a subtle smoky flavour throughout, with luxuriously buttery and almondy undertones.

A ‘Quicke’ history of Devon Cider

Although our neighbouring county of Somerset may be better known for its apple orchards, Devon has an equally long cider-making tradition. There’s been cider-making in Devon since at least the 13th century, and farm workers even used to receive part of their pay in the form of a daily allowance of cider. Local traditions such as Wassailing still celebrate the significance of our apple orchards today.

The Cider Works in Crediton, Devon has been the beating heart of Devon cider for nearly a century. Originally built for The Creedy Valley Cider Company, it’s now the home of Sandford Orchards, fully restored and ready to carry on the tradition of making great Devon cider.

The vivid red soil of the ancient orchards at Sandfords and the unique microclimate that exists in the shelter of the valley, make the perfect conditions for growing cider apples, and Sandford Orchards cider is only ever made using apples selected from within a 30-mile radius of their press. In true Devon style, plenty of weird and wonderful Westcountry cider varieties abound, including Slack Ma Girdle, Farmer’s Glory and Sweet Hangy Downs…

Slack Ma Girdle, Farmer’s Glory and Sweet Hangy Downs

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