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Our people are at the heart of what we do. Crafting greatness relies on many hands and minds working together as one. In our new series ' Meet the Quicke's Team' we are going to be introducing you to our incredible team. To start the series off, we spoke to Herdsperson Nikki Holliday, who shared with us what it is like working at Quicke's and of course her favourite cheese!
Name: Nikki Holliday 
Job title: Herdsperson
How long have you been working at Quicke's?

5 months. 

What time does your day start?

As early as 4 am although sometimes I get a lie-in until 6:30am.

What is the best part of your day?

I love the milking routine, getting the cows in and slowly driving behind them, seeing the long line of cows in the distance is an incredible view! Then seeing them come in and happily munch on their cake, waddle our and then shutting them away. The sound of them munching on the grass is something I relish! Happy cows = happy Nikki!

Is there a particular month you prefer working on the farm? 

I love March because it is when the Spring Cows calve. You see all the calves growing and developing their own little personalities! For example, 8804 was our little friendly baby! And there was Ginge who would always stand on the feeder as she was curious and nosey to see what we were doing! 

What is your favourite memory so far?

Ben carrying me over the electric fence on my first day because I was scared of the electric shock.

What is the best part of your job/ working at Quicke's?

The Farm Team and the support we all have for each other.

If we could give you a lifetime supply of any of our cheeses, which one would it be and why?

It would have to be Buttery Clothbound Cheddar as it tastes delicious and goes with everything!

Our cheese is made with 3 primary ingredients ( milk, sea salt & time). What are the main ingredients in your life and work? eg good food, being outdoors, friends/ family

Family, Cows and Chocolate!

What would you do for a living if you were not a Herdsperson?

Policymaking in Agriculture.

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