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The Story of our Goat's Milk Cheese

Since we started making cheese in the 1970s we've become experts in managing our herd of cows to produce world-class milk for our award-winning clothbound cheddar. Yet, even with the ever-growing success of the dairy and our cheese, our minds still wandered to the idea of adding a new cheese to the range which captures a completely different flavour profile and characteristic to our core cheddar range. You guessed it - a cheese made from goat's milk.

We have always have been cow farmers and it would be a whole new enterprise to start farming goats. After all, only the best milk is good enough for our clothbound cheese. Instead of buying a herd of goats, we decided to stick to what we know best and let another expert take charge of the goat's milk. We focus on managing our beautiful herd of dairy cows, and we rely on trusted South West goat farmers to supply us with the goat's milk for our Goat's Milk Clothbound Cheese - supporting our local farming community along the way. 

In 2003 our goat's milk cheese was developed by Val Bines, who offered her expert advice to Mary and the team. Five years later in 2008, we trialled a smoked goat's cheese. Both cheeses have remained in the range ever since and have brought us home countless awards.

We visited one of our goat farmers to meet the herd and learn more about farming a herd of dairy goats, read the story of how one farmer is producing world-class goat's milk here in Devon.  

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