Four Cheeses To Celebrate Spring's Arrival

With the longer days comes the stronger sun, strong enough now to nurture the new life that has arrived on Home Farm in recent weeks. The new arrivals give us a glimmer of hope - a stark contrast to the news and sadness around the world at the moment. Amber light dapples through the trees, buds unfold, calves skip and colours pop as nature reawakens for another year. When the wind dies down the sun feels strong on our face - we shut our eyes and stand there for a minute - really soaking up every ray. It's been a strange few weeks.

On our one venture out for exercise today, we took a wander through some woodland where we were welcomed with blankets of wild garlic on the banks. Its pungent scent flooded our nostrils and we excitedly gathered some up, squeezing it into our pockets and up our sleeves. A little underprepared. Being stuck in the home during lockdown means that when you're outside you really savour it and take it all in, noticing things you perhaps wouldn't have if all of this madness wasn't going on. We're grateful for the sun. Spring - we welcome you with open arms. 

With the new season comes new ingredients and new ways of eating. We move away from deep hearty stews in front of the fire and opt for lighter and fresher dishes - and the same goes for our cheeses. As the new season stretches out before us, we find ourselves scattering Quicke's Buttery - our youngest and butteriest cheese - on top of spring soups, grating our Goat's Milk cheese into quiches or salads, melting Mature into pasta with white beans and spring greens, and baking treats for Easter with our Slightly Salted Cow's Whey Butter.

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