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Einkorn & Whey Sourdough by GAIL's Bakery


This month is Sourdough September, so we're celebrating with a slice of GAIL's Bakery's new Einkorn & Whey Sourdough smothered in lashings of salted butter. This delicious bread is made using whey which is a by-product from our cheesemaking process, as well as einkorn, the oldest wheat known to man.

Einkorn wheat

Grains of wild einkorn can be traced back tens of thousands of years, and it has been grown and harvested by farmers since around 6000 BC. Archaeologists recently discovered kernels of einkorn at an underwater archaeological site on the Isle of Wight, from a time when Britain was still connected by land to the rest of Europe. This ancient grain has continued to be cultivated in remote agricultural communities, where for thousands of years these precious grains have been preserved for their remarkable qualities: rich in fibre, protein, essential fatty acids, potassium and beta-carotene. Making flour from this nutritious grain is a way to preserve and promote rare varieties of wheat and protect biodiversity. Just as important though, is the fact that it makes delicious bread. 

Reducing food waste

We've been working with GAIL's Bakery for some time to ensure that nothing from the production of our clothbound cheddar goes to waste. GAIL's uses Quicke's cheddar offcuts in their Ham & Cheese Sandwich and Cheddar Sourdough Stick, plus our butter for topping sourdough toast and crumbly cheese scones. Now, the London bakery is putting our waste whey to great use in their latest epiphany, The Einkorn & Whey Sourdough. 

The new Einkorn & Whey sourdough loaf is the perfect mix of tradition and innovation, celebrating ancient grains and saving food waste in one loaf. If you're in London, pick one up in your local bakery, or order online, and try it with lashings of butter, or a chunk of Quicke’s clothbound cheddar.

Further reading:

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