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Cutting Food Waste with Gail's Bakery

We are thrilled to be working with GAIL’s Bakery to ensure that nothing from the production of our clothbound cheddar goes to waste. With cheddar, whey butter and offcuts all incorporated into the London bakery’s menu, GAIL’s have now revealed the first batch of recipes inspired by the cheesemaking process.

We first met GAIL's on their quest to find the perfect cheddar for their Ham and Cheese SandwichGAIL’s has combined Quicke’s Buttery Clothbound Cheddar with roasted ham, mustard butter and its French Dark Sourdough. With the core of the truckle removed to achieve a perfect slice and crumbly bits set aside along the way, GAIL’s has also created a new Cheddar Sourdough Stick to put these cheesy chunks to good use, with the number produced depending on how many Ham & Cheese Sandwiches get sold.

Not content with making use of the whole wheel, the craft bakery is also topping its toast and cheese scones with Quicke’s Whey Butter. Made using a rare heritage recipe and recognised by the Slow Food UK movement as one of the nation’s great ‘Forgotten Foods’, the butter combines the finest milk from Home Farm’s grass-fed cows with whey cream, a by-product of the cheesemaking process which many cheesemakers drain away.

United by a shared respect for food and the land which provides, Quicke’s and GAIL’s are committed to making the most of our award-winning Cheddar, a lovingly crafted cheese made from the ground up. With a slice of Devon now firmly behind the counter in bakeries across London, more recipes are set to be announced soon.

GAIL’s Ham & Cheese Sandwich and Cheddar Sourdough Stick, both made using Quicke’s Cheddar, are available to buy from its 48 bakeries across London, as well on their website.

Read GAIL's interview with Mary Quicke.


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