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Cheddar Vs Parmesan: The Crack Off

We mongers and makers are always keen to show off our trade and learn from each other as we go - and as seriously as we take our cheese, we like to have some fun along the way.

Last year we announced that we're selling our cheese on a permanent market stall at Borough Market, run by Enrico Messora, who also sells Parmesan with Ewa from their shop Bianca Mora, a Slow Food recognised seller.

To celebrate this announcement, we got together with Enrico and Eva at the farm, and they showed us how to 'crack' open a cheddar, Parmesan style. We usually open up a cheddar by removing the cloth before using a wire to cut the cheese accurately, which reduces the waste too, but Parmesan is traditionally 'cracked' open using a special set of cheese knives. 

The moment it cracks just right is awe-inspiring, that solid bulk of cheese resisting and resisting until finally, crack, and it opens to reveal its beautifully textured inside. We thought our cheeses were heavy at 25kgs, but try lifting a 40kg Parmesan and you'll appreciate the strength and skill this takes.

Watch our video to see how we crack open our 18-month-old Extra Mature Cheddar alongside an impressive 12-month-old Parmesan.



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