A cheese to mirror the season


We particularly enjoy our Devonshire Red in the autumn. Its red-orange hue matches the landscape all around us at this time of year. We see it in the red Devon soil as we walk to the farm in the morning, we see it in the ripe apples still clinging onto the trees, we see it in the turning leaves, the pumpkins and the glow of the warm autumn afternoon sun.

This vibrant, full-flavoured cheese is our distinctive take on a classic Red Leicester. Aged for just six months, it is a relatively young cheese compared to our cheddars. We add natural annatto during the cheesemaking process which gives it its golden colour and makes it is wonderfully bright. It has a fresh lemony taste initially, moving into a creamy nutty flavour with a wonderful creamy texture that lingers on the tongue. Its smooth texture and deep red-orange tones make it perfect for melting into your favourite autumn dishes or adding a splash of warmth to your cheeseboard.

'The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness'

Sprinkle on top of shepherd's pie, grate into savoury scones or add to mac 'n' cheese for the ultimate comfort meal. Pair with Sandford Orchards Devon Red or a large glass of rioja by a fire as the night draws in.


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