We all know that ordering in bulk is easier and more economical than ordering a little amount every week, but have you ever thought about applying the same principle to cheese? Mary Quicke shares with us some tips on how to store and care for our cheese to help it stay fresher and tastier for longer...   

500g and 1.5kg wedges

Whilst shopping for cheese on our website, have you ever noticed the dropdown box on the product page where you can select various weights? Instead of buying a few packs of 200g in one order it’s also possible to order a cut of 500g or even 1.5kg

What are the benefits?

It's more economical to buy cheese in these larger cuts because you save money, there is less packaging, less frequency of orders/deliveries and therefore less food miles too. On top of these benefits, larger cuts of cheese will last longer as smaller cuts tend to dry out quicker. 

Storing your 500g wedges

Although our cheese is best enjoyed as soon after it arrives as possible, we know that the bigger orders sometimes take a while to get through. We answer some of your questions below...

How long will cheese last in my fridge?

A wrapped piece of cheese can keep in the fridge for several weeks. Wrapped properly and stored in a low temperature, the maturation of the cheese will slow down and therefore, the cheese will last for longer. If your fridge temperature is running a little high then it will have a shorter life.

How do I keep my cheese fresher for longer?

We recommend removing the cheeses from the plastic wrapping they come in and rewrapping them in parchment paper or beeswax paper/wraps. This allows the cheese to breathe rather than get sweaty with moisture that escapes the cheese. Store it at the top of your fridge door to ensure it does not dry out.

What can I do if mould starts to appear?  

If some surface mould starts to appear on your cheese you can scrape it with the back of a butter knife to remove it. It is completely harmless and should not be a worry, but if you are concerned and would like us to give some personalised advice about your cheese then please do get in touch.

Can I freeze cheese to use at a later date?

If you have a surplus of cheese and would like to freeze it, we would recommend grating it first and placing in a freezer proof bag. Grating the cheese first makes it much easier to just use a handful of cheese for a sauce or toastie, for example - a quick and easy way to add that deep, cheesy Quicke's flavour.

Freezing cheese is perfectly safe, though may alter the texture of the cheese ever so slightly. If you wish to freeze Quicke's cheese, we recommend it is best to cook with it if previously frozen rather than use it as a cheese board cheese.

Please note that different cheeses freeze differently - soft cheeses do not freeze aswell as a hard cheese like cheddar or Parmesan.

See more useful tips on caring for your cheese.


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