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Cheese Cake FAQs

Below are our most frequently asked Cheese Cake questions, if you have any further questions or would like any advice on choosing the perfect cake for your occasion then please get in touch with Holly and Sarah in the Quicke's Cheese Shop. Email, phone 01392 851000 or visit the Cheese Shop in Newton St Cyres.


What size cake should I order?

We recommend 70-100g cheese per person. For more information on how to choose your cheese cake click here.

Could I substitute one of the cheeses on the cake for a different one?

Of course, just contact Holly and Sarah.

Help! I have just seen that you need to have ordered two week's advance, am I too late?

This will most likely be the case, but best thing to do is get in touch with Holly and Sarah who may be able to work their magic!

I live locally can I come and choose my cake in your shop?

Yes, Holly and Sarah would be delighted to help you choose you cake and try the cheeses. Either pop in or phone to make an appointment.

Can I order accompaniments to arrive as well?

Yes you can, if you would like any help deciding what accompaniments you need need them please get in touch with Holly and Sarah.

I have ordered a cake and the event has been cancelled, can I cancel my cake?

Yes, up until 7 days before the cake was due to be sent.

Can I use the 10% off discount code on my cake purchase?

Unfortunately the code can be used on all products on our site apart from the cheese cakes.

Should I order my cake to arrive the day of the event?

We would strongly recommend that you order your cake to arrive a day or two before the event.


Can it be delivered to any address in the UK?

At present we can only send out cheese cakes to UK Mainland postcodes.

How much is delivery?

Mainland UK - £10

Do I need to be in to receive my delivery?

Although you do not need to be in to receive a DPD order, we would recommend that you are in to receive a cheese cake delivery so that it can go straight in the fridge. You will have received a notification from DPD letting you know the window in which your order will arrive.

When will my cake arrive?

Your cake will arrive before midday and be delivered by DPD.

Assembling & Decoration

When should I take my cake out of the fridge?

We recommend taking your cake out of the fridge an hour before serving. If it is going to be out on show, it will be fine for about 4 hours as long as it is not too hot.

How do I decorate the cake?

You can find information on how to decorate your cake here

We would love to see photos of your assembled and decorate cake, add a photo to your review, tag us (@quickescheese) on the social media channels or email a photo to

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