Quickes Traditional - Made out of love

Traditional Cheddars

Our handmade traditional cheddars are matured from 6 months for our mild cheese through to 24 months for our special extra mature cheddar. By wrapping each one in muslin, the cheese is allowed to breathe as it matures, forming the old fashioned rind that is the hallmark of traditional cheddar.

Raw Milk Cheddar with Cornish Sea Salt

This cheese is a must for people looking for a high quality truly artisan product and is renowned for having an additional level of complexity, as a result of using unpasturised milk. We were delighted to have recently won best traditional cheese at the British Cheese Awards with this product now being made with cornish sea salt. The cheddar is allowed to develop and mature from between 9-14 months and is available in all sizes from 25kg truckle to the pre-pack sizes.

Vintage Cheddar

Our award winning Vintage Cheddar has a truly unique intense flavour, which is both complex and balanced. This cheese, at 15kg is smaller than the standard size and has been allowed to mature for over two years within which time the distinctive full-bodied taste and more brittle texture has developed. We are proud to have received a gold award and trophy for the Best Vintage Farmhouse Cheddar at the World Cheese Awards. It is available in both 15kg whole cheese and 2kg cuts.

Oak-smoked Cheddar

A well-flavoured mature cheddar 12-15 months in age is specially selected to be naturally smoked for 3-4 hours over oak chips from the farm’s woodland. The truckles are cut into 1.5 Kg pieces prior to smoking as this ensures the flavour will infuse throughout the cheese. No artificial flavourings are added.

Cheddar with herbs

A combination of chives, parsley, thyme, oregano and marjoram is added to the cheese at the milling stage rather than at the end of the process. As the cheddar matures in excess of 12 months the flavours can really develop through the heart of the cheese resulting in a product with a good balance between the creamy flavour and the depth of the herbs.

Truckle sizes

Quickes Traditional Mature Cheddar is available in three smaller truckle sizes, from 15Kg down to the 1.8Kg truckle. Each is matured in the same way to provide the unique and complex flavour of a traditional rinded cheddar, and they look great in a deli. All our truckles have exceptional quality and flavour, with subtle differences between each size due to the rate at which the moisture levels change over the maturing period.


Individual portions of cheese weighing 90g are cut and wrapped on the farm. These are ready for the plate and provide the ultimate in a no wastage solution for caterers. All of our cheeses are now available in this format and are supplied with 5 portions to a pack and 10 packs per case.