Academy of Cheese Level 1

Academy of CheeseIt goes without saying, we’re obsessed with cheese. Not just any cheese, the kind that’s made with quality ingredients and the care and attention of a dedicated team of experts. We know we’re not alone, but it can often be daunting navigating your way through the vast varieties of cheese available. This is where we’re here to help. 

In 2013, Mary Quicke approached the Guild of Fine Food to look at developing a professional cheese qualification in the UK, inspired by the Certified Cheese Professional qualification run by the American Cheese Society. Four years later, the Academy of Cheese officially launched, aiming to de-mystify the world of cheese, both within the industry and amongst the wider cheese loving community. For the industry, the qualification offers career development and the opportunity to work towards the highly qualified and industry accredited role of 'Master of Cheese'. For cheese lovers, it’s a chance to indulge your passion and impress your friends and family with the knowledge you have gained.

Academy of Cheese Course Level 1

Want to know your Le Gruyère from your Gorgonzola? Then Academy of Cheese Level One is for you! Becoming an Associate of the Academy of Cheese is the first step to developing a greater understanding and appreciation of cheese.

During this fun and engaging tutoring, you’ll discover a structured approach to tasting and be introduced to a range of tools to help you communicate more effectively about cheese. You’ll learn how cheese is made, how to assess quality, develop an understanding of the provenance and range of cheese available. This will be backed up with home study (and even more cheese tasting!). 

At Quicke's, we understand that great cheesemaking is an art. We’ve have been nurturing the Quicke family farm for nearly 500 years, crafting the very finest flavours from this idyllic corner of Devon. We use our years of experience and skills to capture the best expression of the grass, soil and seasons, and we’re very proud to be able to share some of that experience by running Academy of Cheese training, alongside Sam Wilkin. We are the only farm to be running this course. 

Sam is an experienced cheesemonger supplying the high-end restaurant and hotel market.  Alongside his work in the trade, Sam produces his own Cellarman Podcast and The Fine Food Podcast for The Guild of Fine Food.  Sam is also a Judge at The World Cheese Awards, most recently in Bergen Norway.  

The Level One: Associate course is a beginner level introduction to cheese, suitable for those starting a career in cheese, or people who love cheese and are interested in expanding their passion. This is the first step to becoming a master of cheese!

"It’s about creating real status and acknowledgement of skills within the industry and beyond.” Mary Quicke MBE    

Course dates 

JULY 20th 2022

SEPTEMBER 14th 2022

Who should take part?

Level One offers an introduction to cheese, suitable for those starting a career in cheese, or people who love cheese and are interested in expanding their passion.

Find out more about the Academy of Cheese: https://academyofcheese.org/vision/

What’s included?

  • A full day learning about cheese, including lunch at Hanlons Brewery and refreshments
  • A tour of the Quicke’s cheese dairy – see cheddar cheesemaking in action
  • The Academy of Cheese delegates pack, including the 25 Level 1 Cheeses Book, the Make Post-Make model and the Standard Approach to Tasting Cheese.
  • 12 month’s subscription to the Academy of Cheese to complete your training
  • Access to the Academy of Cheese Level 1 online knowledge base, study materials and Cheese Library
  • The Level 1 exam
  • Upon successful completion of the exam you will also receive a pin badge designating you as an Academy of Cheese Associate and a professional certificate suitable for framing.
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