Recipes from Quicke's

Whilst it's all too easy to enjoy slice after slice of Quicke's cheese on its own, our range also pairs perfectly with all sorts of other fine foods and makes for some sensational recipes, from punchy pesto to superb soufflé. Explore our chef's suggestions below, and let Quicke's add a dash of Devonshire distinction to your next meal. 

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A delicious autumnal risotto recipe, unique and tasty. Brilliant for dinner parties and sharing.

The perfect way to use up those beef leftovers from your Sunday lunch! A simple recipe with minimal preparation and a delicious outcome!

Get your Great British Bake Off on with these lovely light cheesy biscuits with walnuts for added crunch. Ideal for canapés and entertaining.

A delicious and easy recipe that aims to impress, using Quicke's own wild venison.

Simple and delicious, spruce up your pastry with this easy to follow recipe, perfect for large dinner parties or on the go!

Quicke's signature dish. A quick and easy recipe for beautifully light and fluffy cheese scones, perfect on their own or with butter and chutney.

One of Quicke's most popular dishes, a unique twist on a classic cheesy dish. Easy and delicious, ideal for quick dinners. Can also be made vegetarian.

Quicke's fish pie, incredibly easy and incredibly delicious! Perfect wholesome dish for a cold winters evening. High in Omega 3.

Perfect rainy day recipe! There's nothing like a homemade pizza to enjoy with friends. Enjoy hot or cold.

A quick and easy recipe to whizz up your own unique and delicious pesto. A perfect addition to any dish, great for large dinner parties, adds a special something to pasta.

A quiche for every occasion! A delicious smoky Quicke's cheese quiche, perfect for entertaining and large dinner parties.

The ideal cheesey comfort food, so quick to make and so delicious. Cheese lovers enjoy one of the most famous Welsh dishes around.

A quick and easy recipe that works beautifully with other types of fish. Light and tasty, great source of protein. Perfect for entertaining.

An easy to follow recipe for a delicious vegetable packed lasagne that everyone will love. Great for sharing with friends.

A Quicke's take on a classic dish, rich and cheesy perfect for a light lunch or quick dinner with friends.