Quicke's Wild Venison

Virtually fat-free, rich in iron and high in Omega 3 fats, venison has become a popular choice for the health conscious and those who like the versatility of this 100% natural meat. It’s also full of flavour– why not try it roasted, casseroled or in game pies and terrines?   If you need inspiration then take a look at some of our recipes for ideas on how to cook venison.

Our wild venison is seasonally available from November to February following the natural breeding pattern of the deer that roam the Quicke estate.

Venison Sausages

Min Weight:

Venison Steak

Min Weight: 454g

Mini Roast Joint

Min Weight: 1kg

Diced Venison

Min Weight: 500g

Loin Medallions

Min Weight: 280g


Min Weight: 500g