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Home Farm. Our farm, our home. Home to extraordinary beauty: shifting seasons, dawn mists, golden Devonshire sunsets. Deer, owls, skylarks.

Our ancient pasturelands have names whose meanings are lost in the drift of time: Tumbling Down, Tinpits, Crabtree, Dungeon. There are carefully tended woodlands, orchards and elderflowers, a walled garden. We have cherished and nurtured this heavenly corner of Devon for almost five centuries, maintaining the landscape for generations to come - because everything we do begins with this land. 

The Devonshire soil – especially the rich, fertile loam along the River Creedy valley – drinks in the gentle English rain and glorious sunshine to give us the lush grasslands that feed our wonderful cows. 


Back in the 1950s and 60s these would have been high-yielding Holstein cows – famous for providing lots of milk. But nowadays the focus is definitely on quality, not quantity. Our cows are a Kiwi Friesian, Swedish Red, Montbeliarde and Jersey mix, providing the perfect milk for cheese making, rich, creamy and high in milk solids. We manage the herd carefully, never pushing them above their breeding limits and ensuring they enjoy a long and happy life in our fields. Our cows even get 60 days' maternity leave prior to calving when they're not milked at all, to give them time to relax and recuperate.  Newly born calves are often born out in the fields – and all of them are out in fresh paddocks within a month. 

The cheese we produce is the perfect expression of the land from which it was crafted, of the rich creamy milk that only our cows and our carefully managed pastures can provide. 

Mindful of this close connection between land and flavour, we use the New Zealand grazing system. This is a low-input method that involves walking the herd to fresh paddocks every day, which in turn means Quicke's cows get the very best from our lush Devonshire grass all year round. And that means we get the very best milk for our cheese. 

Terroir is a French term that captures Quicke's closeness to the landscape rather well: it refers to the deep connection between food and the land from which it was crafted. We understand and work with this closeness, relishing the subtle shifts in season to craft uniquely satisfying artisanal produce. At every stage, we use our years of experience to create exceptional cheese that captures the richness and beauty of this precious land.

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