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April is when the whole of spring roars into gear.  The sun is in the same place as it is in August, so there's been plenty of light to drive growth.  Up to now, our cool northern ocean has kept the lid on the temperatures, and that has limited what is...


Grass is cows' favourite food.  It's lucky, then, that grass grows so well in the lush fields of Devon. The easiest way to harvest the grass is to have cows eat it for themselves. That way they get all the goodness in every bite, all those lovely volatiles...

Valentine's Day: that's when all the birds pair up, a friend told me...


Cheese and chocolate are so different that the thought of pairing them can seem at the very least difficult, or you may find the idea down right bonkers. Over at Quicke’s we like to throw out the rule book and do things, well, just a little differently....


It's 2017, a new year and the depths of winter! Nature is pregnant with the promise of the year to come.


Mary Quicke is rounding of the year with notable highs (and lows) from 2016, as well as our resolutions for 2017!


Queen of Cheese Mary Quicke discusses her cheeseboard ideas for Christmas and how to turn those leftovers into a delicious cheesy dish!


The year heads to the nadir. Days are dark, the sun wearily just makes it low into the sky, and everything grows weakly.  The remains of the year become detritus and slides back into the soil where it came from - leaves, fruit, all the rich growth of the fields and hedgerows...


One of the many wonderful things about a cheeseboard is that it can be completely unique and beautiful, it’s essentially a piece of food art, a chance to show guests your creative side. Though there isn’t a rule for creating a cheeseboard, through our...


A mini version of a classic French dish which makes a lovely snack, goes especially well with a glass of Yearlstone No. 2 wine.


The fallow bucks stop their grunting call of challenge and allure. There's still plenty sound effects across the landscape: the ravens make their primeval croak...


A delicious autumnal risotto recipe, unique and tasty. Brilliant for dinner parties and sharing.


Our award winning cheddar is much in demand around the world and no more so than at Thanksgiving and Christmas. But getting our cheese out to our stockists in tip top condition and in time for Christmas is something of a military operation.


It may still be October, but high streets up and down the country are getting into the Christmas spirit and if you can’t beat them, join them we say.


The perfect way to use up those beef leftovers from your Sunday lunch! A simple recipe with minimal preparation and a delicious outcome!


Get your Great British Bake Off on with these lovely light cheesy biscuits with walnuts for added crunch. Ideal for canapés and entertaining.


How do you tell a good cheddar from an outstanding one? Well, for most of us it’s a very subjective matter of course. But in the cheese industry there's a particular set of criteria by which cheese is measured to separate the marvellous from the somewhat mediocre. Here's how...


A delicious and easy recipe that aims to impress, using Quicke's own wild venison.


When it comes to health food line ups cheese has always been a rank outsider. But it seems that today’s health gurus are turning the tables on everything we have previously been led to believe about cheese. Of course this wasn’t news to some of us…


Exeter Cathedral Hosts Taste of the West Awards 2016.

The Devonshire cheesemakers, Quicke’s, are making space in their trophy cabinet to accommodate their latest addition, after collecting Carol Trewin South West Producer of the Year, at the...


There is a lovely end of season richness in October: everything is as fat and replete as it can be, the feast before the thin times. Right now, the hedgerows and orchards are full of food...


It's British Cheese Week, and what better way to celebrate than our Farm Shop Manager Julie sharing her top tips for all things cheese!


It’s British Cheese Week. The time of year when we and our fellow cheese producers get to unabashedly bang the drum for all the glorious cheeses we produce in the UK. Around 700 of them in fact. To mark the occasion, this week we’ll be sharing some of our top cheesy pairings and recipes.


Simple and delicious. Spruce up your pastry with this easy to follow recipe, perfect for large dinner parties or on the go!


In the absence of any real answers as to how British farming might be affected by the UK’s decision to leave the EU, Mary Quicke talks about how we’re planning for the future.


There are definite perks to working at Quicke’s and being paid to road test what we stock in our Farm Shop is fairly near the top of the list. Well, someone’s got to do it...


Arguably one of the most popular dishes around, roast beef. We are dishing out our top tips to make your Sunday lunch as easy and delicious as possible.


Oak Smoked Cheddar receives Gold medal at Global Cheese Awards for Marks & Spencer.


A little while ago we updated our cheese labels. You may have seen them; we think they are rather beautiful. They portray the landscape and wildlife of Home Farm in a lovely woodcut design with each of the eleven cheeses in the range colour coded in Farrow...


The concrete is down, trusses are up and the long mooted second milking parlour is rapidly taking shape. But for us the build represents so much more than bricks and mortar.


Leaves hang heavy on trees, fruit hangs heavy in the orchards and in the hedgerows. The accumulated sun for the whole summer is collected in the abundant life all around. Birds are fledged...


We're paying homage to the Rio Olympic Games 2016 by taking on our own 'Quickes Olympics' photo campaign.


Summer’s here and as every man and his dog heads off on their annual holiday we’re also hanging up our overalls and stopping cheese production. Not for good, of course.


There’s more to a humble wedge of clothbound cheddar than meets the eye. And if you’re to really appreciate all that it has to offer, it’s good to know a bit more about how it’s made and how to eat it at its best.


August is harvest time for farmers and wildlife. Warm days and nights barely hint at the chill to come. The accumulated warmth and sunshine ripens in heavy ears of wheat, fruit on the trees, and hedgerows.


This month we will mostly be paying homage to the goat – well, goats’ cheese to be specific.


Delighted to win a medley of medals at International Cheese Awards 2016.


Tremendous week for awards - with six of our cheeses receiving gold stars at the Great Taste Awards.


Whether you buy Quicke’s cheddar every week or once in a blue moon you expect it to taste fantastic every time. And so you should.


Reduce, reuse, recycle. It’s drilled into us nowadays, isn’t it? So what better way to make use of the whey cream that we separate from the curds during the cheese making process than to turn it into ice cream?


Smokin' success for Quicke's Cheese...


The battle of the cheese mites. Not the latest science fiction film to go straight to DVD but a very real challenge that we and other traditional cheese makers face on a daily basis...


Shhhh! Tom sees a buzzard, watching patiently from the post of the washing line below my bedroom window. He sees our movement and takes off heavily. He's big, close too. A 5 foot wing span?


Open Farm Sunday, what a day it was! Thank you everyone who came along and made the day so wonderful!


Midsummer. Life at its most vivid and rich, the sun high in the sky, the days long, the greens of the trees all converging on high summer mid green.


Three medals are awarded at Taste of the West 2016.

It’s been a superb week for awards, off the back of our success at Devon County Show, Taste of the West announced on Wednesday...


These days there seems to be a national day on which we celebrate just about every food group under the sun. As farmers we’re all for anything that aims to raise awareness of British agriculture but sometimes even we can’t keep up.


It always astonishes me, the wild ride of high spring. The leaves on the trees change with dizzying speed. It feels like if I stood still to watch, the landscape would change in from of my eyes..


The spring is so lovely, so welcoming, after the long winter. The wet of early winter and the chill of late winter lingered on. The warmth and bright sunshine, even if between showers, cheers everyone.


We haul ourselves out of the long wet winter. Even the field mice tried to come into the buildings, their nests getting soaked. Not great if you are tiny and trying to survive the winter by hibernating. I weeded my heathers, and disturbed some sleepy bumble bees, bedraggled from the wet.


When I was a child, it felt like we always had two good weeks of frost in February. That desiccates diseased leaves, so plants are healthier. The soil structure gets shattered with the frost, giving lovely friable tilth.


On Monday 18th January, during a visit to the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, Mary Quicke was the surprise recipient of a very special honour. At a roof-top ceremony Mary was inaugurated into the Guilde Internationale des Fromagers.

La Guilde...


We've had a mild winter so far, and the weather maps show a different story in the north of the country - wild, wet and cold. We think we have our local environment under our control, and then Mother Nature gives us a slap.


Quicke’s Cheddars Continue to Conquer

Devonshire Cheesemaker Earns Gold Stars at Great Taste Awards 2015.

Having already collected numerous awards for their quality artisan cheeses, 2015 continues to be a successful year...


Quicke's signature dish. A quick and easy recipe for beautifully light and fluffy cheese scones, perfect on their own or with butter and chutney.

One of Quicke's most popular dishes, a unique twist on a classic cheesy dish. Easy and delicious, ideal for quick dinners. Can also be made vegetarian.

Perfect rainy day recipe! There's nothing like a homemade pizza to enjoy with friends. Enjoy hot or cold.

A quick and easy recipe to whizz up your own unique and delicious pesto. A perfect addition to any dish, great for large dinner parties, adds a special something to pasta.

A quiche for every occasion! A delicious smoky Quicke's cheese quiche, perfect for entertaining and large dinner parties.